Child Sponsorship Program

This is a Call-to-Action for support from benevolent Persons and Organizations to support Children-in-Need for basic life necessities. Children from disadvantaged communities and less-privileged background to be educated, stay healthy and be empowered in their formative years in order to grow and be productive and resourceful citizens of their communities, country and the world at large.

Your support and donation to this program will help keep vulnerable children from the streets and slums and as well prevent them from being exploited by unscrupulous persons, also will avert the dangers of them falling prey to substance abuse, trafficking and teenage pregnancy and other forms of social vices which poses a threat to the livelihood and well-being.

This package is for and will cater for the Healthcare, Shelter, Clothing and Education of a beneficiary child. Your support can be in the form of Cash or Kind Support or Donation and can happen or receive one-time or recurring in months, quarterly, half year and or annually.

Help rescue destitute children, and present them with hope and the pursuit to life and happiness. Our beneficiary children are identified in our operational communities, partner homes and schools. If you are interested and willing to support a child, then profiles and pictures of eligible beneficiary children will be presented to you so that you can choose from our listed beneficiary children.

For further deliberations on child sponsorship and or support inquiries. Please contact…