Volunteer Reviews/Testimonies

on 19/12/2017
A worthy experience worth trying again!!!
A versatile organization working in the grassroots and deplorable communities across Ghana. I had an opportunity from July, August to September in 2017 for three solid months. I was in-charge of three projects namely the children literacy initiative, youth in peace development through sports and women in Agricultural activities. Among all of this I most cherished working with the women due to their resilience and passion for the upkeep of their families. At the end of my project, four women were rescued from street-ism and acquired employable skills training in basketry, baking, special knitting among others!

I must commend the Coordinating Director for the KARIBS Foundation for his professionalism and patience in handling volunteers and interns and also the beneficiaries/target groups. My experiences at the center in Nsawam in the Eastern region has become a lasting impact in my life.
I got relieved and my mission was fulfilled because lives has been touched by using the most simplest method, due the structured program of the KARIBS Foundation. Thank you for the opportunity and looking forward to meet you soon next year hopefully with my girlfriend as well.
Fabian Kegel
on 15/11/2017
My Experience
The KARIBS FOUNDATION is a very determined organization with lots of live changing projects in the rural parts of Ghana as well as in some poor urban communities within Accra. I did an internship with them on a role of Fundraising. My views are positive, to start with…I think the organization is well structured on its settings with everything. The projects seem S.M.A.R.T that’s Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound and I can add gender sensitive as well because half of the staff and volunteers/field workers are all young girls which is very impressive. My one month stay was an eye-opener for me. I did realized though that despite their good initiatives, the foundation is resource constrained that was why I chose to intern/volunteer with them in a capacity as Fundraising coordinator. My stay was worthwhile, the team are restless in their quest to make a difference in their environment, they are well inspired by the directions laid down and I was always motivated to work with them. I am looking forward to going back soon to help them achieve more to their target group and help the Director, Kingsley to achieve his positive goals for his community and people which I gathered he’s very passionate with and working tirelessly to bring them relief services in the best way possible he can.
Judie Stearman
My Experience
I spent three amazing weeks in Ghana; it was my first time volunteering abroad and what an unforgettable experience it was. I travelled to Ghana and stayed with Kingsley and and his team they made me felt very welcome and contributed greatly to the amazing experience we all had. Kingsley is very intelligent and abreast with lots of information about Ghana and Africa. I wish to be back again one day. I highly recommend the KARIBS Foundation to everyone out there. Their projects, up to date which made me felt useful, the community are friendly and welcoming. The tours, just GREAT!!!
Rita Huang
United Kingdom
I spent a month living with a host family in Ghana when I was in high school, two years ago. It was the first time I had travelled alone to a foreign country. It was a great learning experience and gave my the opportunity to grow in my understanding of the world. It was the first time I had been fully immersed in a cultural community that was very different from my own. Everyone I met was very welcoming and invited me into their homes and wanted to share something of theirs with me. The community I lived with was so friendly and accepting of outsiders.
Justin Hunter
United States