Volunteering & Internships

We are a meaningful one-stop volunteer experience in Ghana? As a local, grassroots Non-profit/Charity and an NGO in Ghana, the expertise and experience that volunteers bring can be enormously helpful in building our capacity and communities.

Volunteer Positions

Social Work and Teaching:
Teaching Children, training staff and teachers at our operational communities and partner schools.

Group Volunteering:
We welcome small groups who can plan and execute short-term programmes on workcamps.

Medical Program:
In Ghana we welcome volunteers with a wide range of experience, including qualified medical personnel, medical students and pre-med students. We also welcome motivated volunteers who are interested in working in the health sector.

Administrative Assistant:
Providing human resource and secretarial support, helping with the smooth running of the office and field projects.

Assisting our communications and advocacy programme by researching, writing policy papers, and meeting with stakeholders.

Designing and conducting an intensive research project either with our staff or in the field. While we have specific research needs, we welcome proposals from all.

Partnerships & Fundraising::
Cultivating partnerships in Ghana and abroad, contributing to fundraising proposals.

Teach Sports, Music & Language to Kids:
We welcome physical education skills and the teaching of musical instruments as well as language, in quest to ensure multiculturalism we encourage the teaching and learning of French, Spanish, Dutch/German, Arabic, Portuguese etc


* Enjoy playing African drumming and dancing at the seaside.
* Experience talented kids with rare skills in music and singing.
* Give yourself a chance to make a difference in a different environment and get a chance to see and touch a live crocodile.
* Be a global citizen in your own rights, explore adventures in local communities and touristic areas.
* Visit the misery palm tree, fertility rock and amazing water falls.

Teach Music, with instruments and or any how you can and languages, we want our children in our school to learn, Spanish, Dutch, French, Swedish, and Portuguese. This volunteer program is especially suitable for:

* Age 16+
* Singles
* Couples
* Families
* Groups
* 50+
* Wheel Chairs

Travel and volunteer and to make a difference in the lives of motivated children communities in the inner cities of Ghana. Be the change you want to see.

Enjoy travels around Ghana and in the neighborhood of Accra the capital city of Ghana. You are safe with us as a recognized and licensed organization by the government, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

Give your children your best in an extra-curricular activities such as language teaching and teaching of music, so to relax their brain and make them active.

Put a smile in the face of slum dwelling and street children with your innovative way of learning.

Introduce game and arts, crafts and creative activities to help children unearth their hidden potentials.

Our children are between 6 to 14 years, both boys and girls, most of them are orphans, destitute, street children and slum dwellers who are illiterates and had no formal education, risk been uneducated due to lack of opportunities. This project is times so to give socially dejected children the opportunity to learn in a different manner to develop extra skills which is different from the conventional school system.

Activities starts from 8.30am to 2.30pm, however you are free to extend your activity time to the best way it suits you. You will be provided a local guide and or assistant to help/facilitate your activity.

Your responsibilities will be to take the children to language studies using the best methods which will stimulate learning and participation, music is always fun so therefore with music you will have the leverage conduct it in sessions and or plenary to all the children at once. With us you have the liberty and free will to operate. We believe flexibility boost ones confidence level.