How much will I pay?

Our program cost start from US€300 for 1week. One pays depending on the length of stay. Program costs include administration expenses and support to our community projects

How do I apply?

Step One: Fill out the registration form.
Step Two: Complete the form and submit it.
Step Three: Review our placement options and submit your chosen placement together with a non-refundable US€100 deposit. This fee is part of the program fee and is used to secure your placement. It must be submitted 60 days before your start date. The programme deposit is non-refundable.
Step Four:

Upon receiving your deposit and application, we will send you further placement details and payment schedule. The full amount must be paid within 4 weeks from the date we send you your project confirmation.

How long can I volunteer for?

Volunteer service can range from 1 weeks to 1 year. The time frame is based entirely upon your requests. Program fees vary based on the length of the assignment. Whilst on assignment, volunteers may wish to apply for an extension of their program. Approval of this will be based upon their track record on the assignment and upon agreement to pay the required extra.

What will my working hours be?

This depends on you. Most of our placement has a schedule that requires working from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm..

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